2009 BMW Z4:
The BMW Z4 is a completely redesigned model. Unlike the previous iterations, which were incredibly ugly and featured a soft top, the new Z4 is designed in the post Chris Bangle BMW design era and is marked by a much more flowing shape with better continuity. In fact, the front of the car, which features very wide BMW kidney grilles, is probably the most appealing front end of any BMW car currently on sale.

The car features a metal folding hard-top roof, as seen in many other vehicles, and is completely redesigned in and out. The interior is especially noteworthy as being beautiful, well-finished, high-quality, and featuring the latest version of BMW's I Drive system.

The other really notable feature of this car is that it is the first non-M car to feature the BMW dual-clutch transmission, as currently found only on the M3. The dual-clutch transmission performs wonders for the car and makes it absolutely a joy to drive, much more of a high-performance feeling than it would be with a standard automatic transmission, and in the Z4 335I guise provides over 300 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque. This exciting roadster is available from DREAM DRIVES now!


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