2010 MB E63 AMG:
This is the latest iteration of Mercedes Benz' longstanding tradition of having an AMG version of their bread-and-butter E Class. The new E63 is powered by the handmade (by one technician) naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V8, producing 508 horsepower and 465 pound feet of torque. The car has the usual AMG modifications, which make it much more special than the traditional E Class. These modifications include the body kit on the outside and significant interior upgrades, which include AMG-branded sport seats, AMG-branded premium leather, aluminum or dark wood trim, special AMG gauges, and, in this case, special AMG programming for the suspension and the transmission.

The E63 breaks some new ground for AMG, in the sense that it uses the air suspension from the E500 for only the rear axle. The front axle is suspended by adjustable traditional coil springs and shocks, and there are three adjustable modes. In addition, the E63 has a wet clutch pack replacing the torque converter. Overall, this looks like another stonking AMG motor car which is desirable for its tremendous performance, outstanding handling, supreme comfort, and very high quality interior. DREAM DRIVES will have the first E63 AMG available this fall!

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