2010 BMW X6M:
The X6, of course, is BMW's attempt at filling a sport-utility niche, which no one knew existed. This is a coupe-like SUV with lots of luggage room, ample space for four adults only, and a very sporty profile. The M version of this car is the first time BMW has applied its M engineering and trim departments to one of its company's SUVs. The results are impressive.

Using a twin-turbo V8 (instead of a naturally aspirated V8 from the M3 or the V10 from the M5), the X6M produces over 500 horsepower and commensurate amounts of torque. Along with BMW's dynamic drive and enhanced interior accoutrements, this car promises to be a very special semi-exotic, but extraordinarily practical high-performance vehicle, and DREAM DRIVES will have the first one at the end of the year.


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