2010 Jaguear XJ:
Well, they finally did it. After continuing to place the ultra-modern aluminum-skinned, mechanically advanced Jaguar components into a body so old it could have been driven to Parliament by Benjamin Disraeli, Jaguar has finally gotten its act together and brought a modern interpretation of the XJ. The previous car was so out of date, as I mentioned above, that even its modern mechanical and aluminum space frame could not deliver any sales because of the morbidity of the body and interior design. Ian Callum, Jaguar's head designer, has finally moved the game on. The new XJ is utterly brilliant from any angle.

It is very difficult in today's market to design large luxury cars that are not only attractive, but make an individual statement themselves, and Callum has delivered masterfully in this area. The car looks much better in the long wheelbase version, but in either it is a superbly designed vehicle which catapults Jaguar probably three generations in terms of exterior design, and certainly interior design and telematics.

This car looks to be on the stars of 2010, if Jaguar can build them well, bring them in at the proposed price, and market them properly. They are attractively priced, apparently starting around $80,000 and moving up from there. There will be regular and long wheelbase versions. There will be a naturally aspirated V8 producing around a little less than 400 horsepower, a supercharged V8 producing around 475, and my understanding is there will be a Supersports model which will be built to order specialty only, which will produce slightly over 500 hp.

According to Jaguar, the car is actually available for order now, and the cars will begin to be built in the fall. My understanding, however, is that Jaguar Cars of America is somewhat disorganized and their current status relative to the car. I am assuming you could begin to think about placing an order for one this September.

Come back for the latest information on the XJ as it becomes available.

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