2011 Ferrari 458 Italia:
The Ferrari 458 Italia is the latest mid-engine V8 two-seat Ferrari that essentially goes back to the 308 GTB of 1975. This line of cars has always been Ferrari's bread and butter car, their biggest seller, and, in addition, their most popular model. Certainly, the 458 Italia looks to be a smashing success. For one thing, it looks spectacular. I was never a fan of the modifications to the 360 Modena that produced the F430. I thought the modifications were aggressive and spoiled what was essentially a very beautiful and harmonious shape that was the F360.

Thus, it was with great joy and relief that I looked at the 458, seeing it as a modern, yet beautiful and evocative shape, everything that a current Ferrari should look like, and yet filled with high-tech, spectacular innovations which should make the car an absolute drug addiction to drive. This car, features a mid-engine 4.5 liter V8 (hence, the name), with 570 horsepower, but the key stat is 9000 RPM. This engine revs to 9000 RPM and should be spectacular at the upper end, especially because it comes with Ferrari's new dual-clutch transmission, which was first seen in the California. So, the 458, with an aluminum body, enclosed in the most beautiful Pinninfarina body work, double wishbone suspension, and adjustable dampers, suggests that it will be the sine qua non of performance machinery for the year 2010. The price for the 458 should sticker at about $225,000 to $250,000, but be forewarned, the demand for this car will be extremely high. Please contact Dream Drives immediately to have us arrange a car for you to be delivered, in all likelihood, early next summer.


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