At Dream Drives, we are able to find and deliver the latest in European high-performance machinery to our American clients and to allow them to purchase these cars first, before the cars arrive in the United States. We are able, through our connections in Europe and with regular franchise dealers, to get you the first car of a particular model which will arrive for delivery in the United States. Imagine being able to drive the first Porsche Panamera this fall, as configured by the Dream Drives staff. This is the basic focus of our company and we are providing these cars now on a regular basis. Let's take a look at what's happening this year 2009, and upcoming in 2010.
So far, already this year, we have been able to provide the first BMW 750LI, as well as the first BMW Z4, to customers in California. The next cars we are doing this year include the Porsche Panamera, which will be here in the fall, as well as the Audi RS8 V-10, which will be here at the end of the year. In addition, we will be doing the BMW X6M, which will be here in the late, late fall. As well, we will be doing the Mercedes E63AMG (new version), which will arrive in November.
These are some of the cars which we will be doing in this calendar year. You get a sense that our reach is wide, and we provide the most exciting new models for our American clients, and these cars are delivered first, fully equipped, loaded, and with beautiful color configurations that any buyer would be happy to drive. The cars maintain the entire factory warranty and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. They are actually imported by the dealers for DREAM DRIVES, and we then can offer them to you. Remember, our commission on these cars is very, very small. That is why we are able to consistently deliver as many cars as we do to United States customers. DREAM DRIVES also occasionally gets "special" or "unique" versions of our cars that we are able to offer to our customers, such as the Mercedes SL63 AMG IWC edition featured on our home page-cars such as the BMW M3 launch edition,Mercedes SL65 BLACK series and Bentley CGT SUPERSPORTS are rare and highly desirable!
At DREAM DRIVES, our goal is to provide the finest European high performance cars at the earliest release date possible. We will get you the first car that comes to the United States, and we will have it fully equipped and laid out in a beautiful color combination that you will enjoy driving. We take care of all of the details. For you it is really quite simple. You just identify the car you are looking for and call us at DREAM DRIVES. If that car is one that we will be receiving, we will be happy to take a deposit from you and guarantee that you will get the first car of that particular make or model that comes to the United States.
It is important to know what kinds of cars DREAM DRIVES imports. At DREAM DRIVES, our cars generally run the gamut in price from $50,000 MSRP to $250,000 MSRP. We do not speculate with any of our cars because,frankly, speculation with these types of cars is rampant and it destroys the normal market process. In other words, at DREAM DRIVES we deal in Mercedes AMG products, Bentley products, BMW M products, Porsche products, Maserati products, Audi products and other high end marques.