Once a deposit has been submitted to DREAM DRIVES, the car is yours. It will probably already have been specked, and you will have a chance to approve or disapprove the particular specs, the optional equipment and the color choices for the interior and exterior. If you approve these choices, the deposit is firmed up and the car is yours. You will be getting the first car of its make or model that comes to the United States. When the car arrives, you will be given the opportunity of paying cash or financing the car. You may choose to finance through DREAM DRIVES directly, or you may choose to use financing through the manufacturer. This is entirely up to you, and DREAM DRIVES will facilitate that process either way. If you choose to pay cash for the car, it will be equally simple.

The car will probably arrive in the United States at a port not near where you live. Thus, shipping and transportation are important. We always arrange shipping in closed, covered, highly secure transport deliveries and have all insurance guaranteed for this process. We also negotiated a discount rate with our transporter(not Jason Straithm) so that the cost will be minimized to the buyer. Once the paperwork is completed, the car is delivered to your door and the process is complete. You have done none of the work, had to pay a very small premium on the car, and had it delivered to your door months before anyone else receives theirs. This is the DREAM DRIVES promise and philosophy, and we stick to it every time.

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The vehicles and prices on this list may vary depending on demand and in no way guarantees price or availability.

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