Owning a classic sports car or an exotic sports car of any price range is always an exciting and challenging experience. It is much akin to having a very special relationship, one in which there will be highs and lows, memorable events and difficult moments, but at the end of the day the ride will have been well worth it. One of the most important, if not THE most important decision that a person can make in buying a classic, vintage or exotic sports car (other than choosing the make and model), is finding the right car. We know you have probably heard this before, but, in fact, the majority of buyers end up buying cars without really finding what represents a good value in terms of the particular make and model they are looking for, what represents a car that is in good mechanical and cosmetic shape in terms of the make and model they are looking for, and even whether the make and model they are looking for is really a good buy for them in their circumstances.
At Dream Drives, we have put together an entire package to help you find the right classic or exotic car for you. This process starts with an individual interview with one of the Dream Drive principals. During this interview we find out what your driving style is like, what you really are looking for, and whether you would be better off suited in a 1986 BMW 635 CSI than a 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS. We take all of your driving requirements, your needs, your financial position, your ability both financially and in terms of patience to spend money on a car, what kind of experience that you want to have into account when the Dream Drives principals help you make a decision about what you should buy, how much you should pay, and what you should expect.
Collectively, the Dream Drives principals have had over 40 years of classic and exotic car experiences. This means we have owned multiple classic and exotic cars ourselves and have been down every conceivable road in terms of restoration, repair, upgrading, enhancing and tuning these types of cars, and have had considerable experience with the kinds of financial, mechanical, technical problems that occur in owning a classic or late-model exotic, as well as the joys of these experiences, and, believe me, there are great joys.
Where do you live? I'll bet you never thought that where you live should affect your choice of an exotic or classic sports car. Because, in certain parts of the country, certain types of classics are really inappropriate because you will just not get the utility out of them and you will not find a good spot for track days for certain kinds of classic and exotic cars. That is why the consultation we are discussing now is so important.
Once together we have made the decision, we go find your car. You don't do anything else except sit around your house getting excited thinking about what you are going to be driving. Dream Drives never finds one car for its potential classic or exotic car owners. We always bring you choices. We will usually bring you between two and five choices, which represent a spectrum of automobiles that conform to your needs and the requirements you want, and yet have some significant differences allowing you to make the final choice. But, and rest assured of this, these four or five cars will have been hand picked after going through literally thousands of potential automobiles. Finally, anyone can find a classic or exotic sports car to buy online, but it is a very different process to sort through the multitude of ads, claims, falsehoods, and deceptions that sellers will go through to try to engage a buyer in buying their product. Dream Drives has a lifetime of experience in going through this process and weeding out the cars that look incredibly desirable, the one that you feel you have just got to have but which turns out to be the one you should absolutely not buy, and getting for you only cars that are appropriate for your needs, your purchase price, and your enjoyment down the road.

Call us today. We will be happy to help you find a car that makes your classic and exotic car purchase an enormously successful experience.